Upcoming changes in pricing

For some background

I am a college student. That alone should provide some context as to why I am very busy now, especially as the holiday season rolls in. Afterwards, I will be likely working 12 hour shifts at my next job, so I have limited time. Broadcasting is a favorite hobby of mine, but even with my pricing it does not keep the lights on. When I am available, I am open to contracts. I will try to keep a schedule available on twitch or here on the website.

The new broadcasting "cheat-sheet" for pricing as of now:

  1. Races can start (grid/green flag) no later than 7:30pm Eastern. All reffered times forward are Eastern,

  2. Any race time after 8:30pm will be at an increased rate, usually 1.5x normal rate, but suseptable to change.

  3. If any race goes beyond 9:00pm it will be cut off. Even if there is 2 laps left. The only way to avoid this other than planning is a high premium decieded beforehand. To avoid this, plan races to end sooner.

  4. Rate starts at 12USD per hour. Most costs will be static beyond this.

  5. Post race instagram posts with photos are 10 dollars (per <16 race season)

  6. Broadcast overlays are highly suseptable to change. Inquire for style and pricing.

current availability status:

None. Please check back in late December 2021.